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How it Works



The process starts by finding the most convenient time in your schedule for an in-person consultation. You can book an introductory meeting through our scheduling tool and this will allow for a one hour slot at our showroom in downtown Toronto. If there are no available slots that work with your schedule, just send us an email and we can coordinate an accommodation.


STEP 2: Consultation

The consultation consists of 4 parts that all fit into your appointment:

Your initial consultation is an integral piece of this process. We'd like to get to know you, your current wardrobe needs, fit concerns and personal style. Creating the perfect garment requires more information than just measurements, because style is personal. We want the full picture in order to understand how we can provide the best results for you.

We will walk you through your choices for style, fabric and fixings. This is a collaborative process based on our initial conversation in order to select the best combination that is tailored to your taste and lifestyle. 

Using our custom trial garments, we will get to know the fit you are looking for and confirm the measurements required for it.

Secure your order with a deposit and we will take your information to our local manufacturer. Your custom garment will take 6-8 weeks to complete, upon which a follow up alteration appointment will be made.


STEP 3: Fitting

Finding your ideal fit doesn’t come instantly and this is why all follow-up alterations are a complementary part of the process. Women's bodies are unique and in many cases complicated, which is something we embrace and celebrate. This also means that getting the proper fit can take more than one round of edits. This step is different for everyone, because there are many variables that contribute to the necessary number of alterations. This is also an investment in fit and quality, which means we don’t rush the process. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, so we won’t deliver your finished garment until we know you love it.


STEP 4: Delivery

Once you’ve signed off on the final product and have your first Nicole Bach suit, you now have a profile noting all measurements and alterations required to find your true fit. This means your next order can be placed with all revisions taken into consideration. Keep in mind different fabric means a slightly different fit, so you can still expect minor adjustments before delivery. 

Delivery means either pick up or drop off of your finished piece in your very own travel garment bag and signature hanger.