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Who we Are


who we are

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Nicole Bach is a modern take on a traditional craft: custom tailored suiting. We believe women deserve access to the convenience and quality that clothiers have offered men for decades. More importantly, we believe women deserve access to wardrobe solutions tailored specifically to a woman's body.


Women’s Rights

The power suit was a very significant symbol for women as it evolved with the rights and freedom that were fought for. The peak of the power suit in the 80’s was a time when women were fighting to be on the same level as men professionally and associated dressing like one as a large influence on their results. As the turn of the century brought individuality and the embrace of femininity, the mentality shifted away from dressing like a man to be replaced by dressing for personal style. The modern woman is more educated, involved in the workforce, and increasingly taking on high-profile positions than ever before.


The Retail Market

While women’s rights have grown alongside the power suit, women’s fashion has become a multi billion-dollar industry that offers an endless range of style choices in order to appeal to the current era of individuality. Women have been given the freedom to wardrobe in many shapes and forms with the absence of a strict dress code for professional attire. Now off the rack selections are produced to appeal to a mass market and retailers strive to offer a variety that will speak to all women.



We took a step back and looked at the men’s market. Suiting is a staple for many industries and occasions and consists of a core concept that has been repeated across big and small retailers for generations. Whether it’s made-to-measure, or bespoke, there are literally hundreds of shops that will whip up a garment tailored to your measurements if off the rack is not meeting the established fit and style needs. A few weeks later he can have an entire wardrobe that is interchangeable and fits perfectly. Getting dressed then becomes a simple mix and match that is repeated on a daily basis.


Our Solution

We believe women can have the same experience that exists for men. So, we’ve tailored an exclusive solution for females to reclaim their time and energy, while effortlessly building a perfectly tailored wardrobe.

Introducing Toronto’s femme clothier: the destination for suiting made just for women. We’ve spent decades adapting men’s patterns for female use, but it’s time to make our own patterns based off of female needs. This is a process that has been constructed in order to demystify dressing for professional women and elevate the industry standard.


Our Patterns

The first step our team took in this journey was creating custom patterns based off of real measurements. This process was done in order to curate a base that speaks to real people with common fit problems taken into consideration. This allowed us to build a collection of made to measure choices that offer a range of unique, feminine, and modern styles that would never be found in a men’s tailor shop.


Our Fabric

There is a beautiful balance between comfort and functionality when it comes to tailored clothing, and we’ve found it in just a touch of stretch. The collections of fabric we offer features both natural stretch capabilities and blends featuring lycra in order to introduce usability to structure and curves. Additionally, we believe in the power of options and self-expression. We’ve taken the time to source a collection that features bold and bright colour palettes, textures and weights for every woman’s needs.